Self-Service Kiosk

State of the Art

We are excited to be the first self-storage facility in the Decatur area to offer a convenient self-service kiosk.  If you enjoy the convenience of ATMs, we are confident that you will enjoy our cutting edge technology kiosk.  Our versatile and user-friendly kiosk is equipped with an integrated, touch-screen computer, dual speakers with amplifier, integrated microphone, and a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone.  The kiosk is capable of processing new rental applications with a secure electronic signature system and printing copies of signed leases on-site.  It also allows you to make initial and monthly rental payments and update your account information when you log on to your account.  The kiosk payment system accepts several payment methods including debit cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express), checks and cash.  

For Your Convenience

The kiosk has a real-time interface with our secure on-line reservation and payment system, which is open 24/7 for you to make payments and update your account information.  For your on-line payment protection, our secure on-line reservation and payment system is powered by SiteLink, a top-notch property management software company in the Self-Storage industry.  SiteLink has achieved the highest Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification, Level 1, which is the same security level of the largest e-commerce retailer  On-line banking only requires Level 2 PCI certification.  Our on-line payment system also accepts several payment methods including debit cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express) and electronic checks.  We highly encourage you to take advantage of our automatic payment option using your credit card or with automatic bank draft to give you the peace of mind that your monthly payments are taken care of accurately and on-time to avoid unnecessary late payment fees.

We provide a free lock to all new renters.

Reservation and Online Payments

Our secure on-line reservation and payment system offers you an option to make a reservation on a unit in-advance before you go to the kiosk to complete the lease application.  This option ensures that your selected unit will be reserved for you and will not be taken by any other renters.

To reserve a unit or make a payment via our 24/7 secure on-line payment system, click here: Reservations & Online Payments